The Revolution of Online Live Casino

The Revolution of Online Live Casino

The new way of enjoying online casino games is here; the online live casino revolution has begun. For those unfamiliar, an online live casino is a casino game that is played via a live stream. A real croupier manages the process from a broadcast studio, with live streams sent directly to players around the world. The feeling of participating in a real world casino has never been stronger, and online players are already calling it the next big step for online casinos.

The croupier is highly professional and normally extremely charming, making the whole experience more enjoyable. And, in fact, in some cases online live casino croupiers are already becoming mini-celebrities. Plus, with the benefits of an intuitive user interface and wide selection of games including roulette, it seems it won’t be long before a live casino is considered the norm.


There are a few drawbacks to an online live casino, however, namely that players need a steady, high speed internet connection. Live steaming high quality video feeds is no small ask, and the amount of data being sent and received per second is enormous. And the connection must be stable. Since information about bets is accompanied with the video feed, even the smallest delay may cause problems.

There are, however, options to reduce the quality of the stream, which significantly reduces the demand on the connection. But a good speed will still be required for an enjoyable experience. For many internet speed requirements won’t be a problem, but some may need to upgrade their internet speed before participating. Don’t worry though, in the meantime standard online casinos are not going anywhere fast, so no one will be left out in the dark.

Professionalism Of The Highest Order

The average online live casino uses three cameramen, one technical specialist, and a pit boss. It is no small operation, and the game is approached with the highest levels professionalism. The cameramen adjust cameras to get the best angles on the game, with special attention paid to the most significant aspects of the proceedings. That is to say; you will never be left in the dark about what is happening in the game, no matter which game you are participating in.

Players may raise also any concerns about the game in progress, should they feel there are any, with the pit boss. The pit boss will resolve the issue quickly and efficiently, with no bias one way or another. All live casinos are operations that are licensed, legal, and professional.


It is highly unlikely that standard online casinos will be wiped off the internet very soon, but there is a definite trend leaning towards online live casinos. And, the more popular they become, the more new branches are likely to spring up. If you have not yet tried live games, but have the internet speed to access one efficiently, it is highly recommended to give it a shot. The electric atmosphere of live casinos is something that needs to be experienced to be fully appreciated.

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