Monster Smash by Play n Go

Monster Smash by Play n Go

Monster Smash is an odd little slot due mainly to it rather bizarre theme. Think fruit machine meets cartoon monsters determined to smash all the fruits. The game is very flexible when it comes to betting amounts, with a coin range of 0.01 up to 2, and a minimum bet of 0.05 and a maximum bet of 50. The game also has a few special features, such as a wild symbol, free spins and the chance to win one of three progressive jackpots.

Smashing Graphics

The graphics in Monster Smash are cute. They are definitely cartoony and lend toward the humorous attitude of the slot. Behind the reels is a wrestling ring with some chairs lying about, presumably used to beat up fruits with. The whole slot is full of bright colours, with the actual reels being pink and each symbol being independently designed in different colours. The buttons are all laid out the bottom of the screen and are easy to understand and follow. This is graphically a simply laid out slot with enough detail to keep it interesting.

Wresting Theme

Believe it or not, the theme for Monster Smash is a bunch of made up monsters smashing fruit in a wrestling ring. Who know how the developers at Ply n Go came up with this. Maybe it was one too many late nights. All of the symbols are theme based, with the bottom ones being the poor beat up fruit. For some reason the fruit doesn’t actually get smashed, but gets fixed up with a band aid. These are kiwi, plum, watermelon and pineapple. The monster symbols themselves are next up. The sea creature looking one and the green Cyclops  pays out 125 coins for five, while the yellow and blue monster both have a high payout of 150 coins for five of them in a  row.

Free Spins and Bonus Round

Monster Smash has no wild symbol, but does have a scatter and a three bonus symbols. The bonus symbols can be found anywhere on the reels. When this happens and you find Here We Go spelt correctly from left to right, you get launched into the free spins round. During this round you get ten free spins, during which time any monster that lands on the reels will smash his adjacent symbols, earning coins. A special symbol that is only found during this round is a fuzzy golden star that will earn you more free spins with a  limit of 100.

The baseball bats icon is the scatter which pays out modestly in its own right.  It is also linked to the two boxes on either side of the reels. The Tropical Bonus and the Monster Bonus increase each time you land a win containing either monsters or fruit. Three baseball bat symbols on reels one, two and three win the Tropical Bonus. Three baseball bat symbols on reels three, four and five win the Monster Bonus. Five baseball bat symbols win both bonus amounts.

Progressive Jackpots

Monster Smash has three progressive jackpots. Some symbols in the Spin Casino NZ game have gold rings around them, and landing a certain amount of these rings will allow you to play the progressive wheels of fortune. Each wheel has its own cash value, and a possibly a chance to move on to the next wheel. Each successive wheel also contains a chance to win not only its jackpot but the previous wheel’s one too.

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