Take a Look at Diamond Dogs Online Slot’s Review

Take a Look at Diamond Dogs Online Slot’s Review

ausvegas.xyz – Step into the lap of luxury with these pampered pooches in this Diamond Dogs online slot experience from developers NetEnt. The theme, as the title suggests, is based on and around various pedigree canines and their rather luxurious lifestyles. This does then effectively combine two rather popular theme choices, that of lavish luxury as well as a look at the lifestyle of a particular animal. In the case of this slot game that animal is the domesticated canines but on the reels players will realise that it is not the pets that are domesticated but rather the owners that spoil them so lavishly. Overall this theme promises a couple of laughs and some visually appealing spins.

Though the theme may be rather decadent the base gameplay is far more down to earth and consists of 5 reels and a set of 25 available pay lines. The latter is responsible for creating the pathways that players will then use to score their combinations upon and so can be really useful if exploited effectively. Despite the luxury displayed on the screen there is also a good deal of compensating betting options to allow players some modicum of choice when they begin spinning this casino slot. Like most NetEnt slot games, this Diamond Dogs one also has a good couple of bonus features including Wilds, free spins and even a themed bonus game.

The Pampered Domesticated Theme for this Slot

With a title like Diamond Dogs players likely already knew that this game wasn’t going to involve a simple and underplayed theme portrayal and that in all likelihood there would be a good deal of colour and flash. This is in fact the case regarding this particular slot experience and players will find that the flash and glint of the aspects on screen are made quite immersive through the capable graphics employed. The backdrop to this slot is rather non-existent and instead exchanged for a detailed and extravagant reel border. Other factors like sound effects and even the white background to the decadent symbols makes for added atmosphere while gaming.

The symbols in Diamond Dogs include dolled up versions that players would likely expect in a theme related to domesticated canines. These involve diamond studded food bowls, lavish dog houses and even a VIP fire hydrant. These all sum up the theme portrayed in factors around the screen, making it very easily identifiable and relatable while the players are ultimately spinning the reels and looking for wins.

Luxurious Canine Bonus Features for this Slot

Though the theme and setup of this slot from Diamond Dogs is pretty solid overall, a few bonus features slipped into the experience never really hurt. In this game that includes Wild symbols which have the ability to effectively impersonate the other base game symbols and form better winning combos across pay lines. There is also a free spins feature to this NetEnt experience that enables players access to 10 free spins and a 3 times multiplier during said spins. This Diamond Dogs slot game also has a themed bonus pick’em game that players can discover along the way.

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