Dead Or Alive Online Slot Basics and Guide

Dead Or Alive Online Slot Basics and Guide

This is in fact a cowboy themed, old west styled slot game from developers NetEnt. As soon as players open the game screen of this Dead or Alive online slot game they will immediately realise just exactly what they are dealing with, theme portrayal and all. This is largely because on the face of it this slot game is done really quite well, with quite a few various features and thematic aspects contributing in some shape, form or fashion to the resultant appearing on the screen. Overall the graphics of this game are nothing too special but with the whole setup administering a little bit of thematic medicine to the reels the experience is ultimately a good one.

The reels of this Dead or Alive slot are detailed in theme design but rather simple in gameplay offering, with a set of 5 reels and just 9 available pay lines to use in pursuit of aligning some rewarding symbol combinations. In typical NetEnt fashion the betting options and other side features like max bet and spin are all laid out visibly below the reels, making setup for this sort of game a walk in the park. Overall this slot experience is actually rather basic, with just a free spins and Wild bonus available in lieu of additional bonus features, however the fundamental offering is solid and the theme experience pleasant.

That Old West Theme and Features Therein

The theme of the Old West is actually quite a popular one for slot gaming and so with this Dead or Alive slot it is rather hard to imagine a unique offering it can supply. This being said, once players first lay eyes on the opening screen of this game they will quickly realise that this is a pretty unique look for such a popular theme and offers quite an inviting atmosphere on the reels. This is backed up by a vivid backdrop of an Old West town and alongside a brown and wooden textured colour scheme that takes the whole display back into the Wild West.

Dead Or Alive Online Slot Theme

It is the symbols that carry the majority of the thematic responsibility on their shoulders however and through this they ultimately aim to setup as close to a Wild West experience as possible on the reels of this Dead or Alive slot game. A few of the symbols players can expect include shots of whiskey, cowboy hats and boots, as well as a sheriff badge and a gun belt. Even the playing card symbols that NetEnt have included on the reels look like they belong in the Wild West and make the atmosphere here quite appealing.

Dabbling with the Wild West Bonus Features

The important thing to remember with regard to any slot experience is that the slot bonuses are meant to add to the base game experience, not overpower it. This is certainly the case with Dead or Alive slot in which developers NetEnt have included only the essential features required. This includes a Wild symbol and a free spins feature, with the latter awarding up to 12 free spin alongside a 2 times multiplier. These both add to the experience available on the reels.

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