Checking out the Features of King Arthur Online Slot

Checking out the Features of King Arthur Online Slot

The legendary story of King Arthur, the man who introduced the idea of equality to the kingdom of Camelot, is one that is known throughout the world. Multiple movies have been made of the story, countless theatrical productions, numerous books, and now a slot game.

The King Arthur slot game does a good job in using the various elements of the legend to tell an interesting story. Of course, being a slot game there is no solid narrative to speak of, and the story is one the player must make for themselves. As far as slot games go, however, King Arthur stands apart for its outstanding representation of a known legend.

Art and Sound

The art style of the game is very firmly based in the medieval era, with images resembling the artistic style of many centuries ago. It is a convincing effort from the developers, and the player will quickly feel as if they have stepped into a time machine. Many of the symbols animate upon being matched, which is also a nice touch.

Where the game struggles a bit, however, is in the sound design. It seems that effort has been put into making the player feel as if they are sitting in a real casino, with an ambient track that rattles and chatters with ambient noise. It is effective, but the grating repetition of the track quickly becomes annoying. It would perhaps have been better to focus on ambient sounds of a medieval nature, which would have fitted the game a great deal better.

Symbol Values

There are many iconic symbols in the King Arthur game, including the Holy Grail, Excalibur, Merlin the Wizard, and King Arthur himself. As is expected, King Arthur is the most valuable symbol in the game. Matching him 5 times will result in an enormous payout. Interestingly, the King Arthur symbol also doubles as a wild symbol, allowing him to match with any other symbol. This makes King Arthur a friend everyone will want when visiting Camelot in slot game form.

King Arthur Slot Machine

The next most valuable symbol is the wizard Merlin. He is not as valuable as Arthur, but will still provide exceptional payouts. He also doubles as a wild, making the game unique in having two completely different wild symbols. The two wild will not mach with one another, but only with other symbols.


Matching Camelot on the reels will start the quest mini-game. The game involves having the player direct King Arthur to the castle, whereby he may enter via any of the doors. Each door holds a certain value that will be awarded if Arthur arrives at this particular destination. In order to guide Arthur, the player must select which path he should take. Be aware, however, that the last split in the road is random, and may result in Arthur entering a door with zero value if the player is not careful. It is a unique game with a certain level of strategy involved, which makes it an interesting treat in the slot game world.

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